Like all of Google Suite, Google Sheets is a convenient tool available to any Google user who needs it. Online collaboration tools make work smoother, so Google Sheets is rolling out an update to improve productivity: smooth scrolling. This highly requested feature allows you finer control over how you view your spreadsheet in Google Sheets, allowing you to use your Google Workspace more effectively as you organize, locate, and edit files.

Google Sheets Unveils Smooth Scrolling Feature

This newly updated feature will join Google Sheets to make navigation more intuitive. Scrolling can be a bit choppy when you open a given Google Sheet project, especially on a default sheet. Much to the frustration of many, you can’t simply scroll from row 1 to row 2. Instead, the Google Sheet will scroll you from row 1 to row 5 or perhaps even further down, depending on your mouse wheel settings.

With smooth scrolling, you can better control how far you scroll each time you try to navigate in your Google Sheets document. This feature will be available to all Google customers, including those with Google Workspace, those with Google accounts who use Sheets, and those who are Google subscribers. This upgrade to Google Sheets will work seamlessly with other features that already make Google Sheets convenient, meshing well with features like hidden columns, charts, comments, frozen rows, and buttons. Even if your rows are large and your layouts unusual, smooth scrolling will work so that you can scroll wherever you need to in Google Sheets, thanks to the latest Google Sheets update.

Google Sheets Smooth Scrolling Could Help Improve Productivity

With this latest update, we could see a spike in productivity for all those who use Google Sheets for work. This robustly requested feature is desirable because it helps multiple kinds of users navigate documents far more easily. Smooth scrolling isn’t just a big deal for Google Sheets users using desktop computers; it’s also a major software improvement for those working exclusively on laptops, using a trackpad to navigate their documents daily. 

Another recent update to Google Sheets is for those still on the fence about Excel vs. Sheets. If you’ve been concerned about transferring your sensitive Excel spreadsheets to Google Sheets, you’ll no longer need to worry. Google recently announced that users will soon be able to convert Microsoft Excel files into Google Sheets through client-side encrypted processes.

Google continues to improve by listening carefully to its users’ needs and preferences and making changes accordingly. Plenty of updates are coming to software features like Google Meets and more, with issue detection and description being one of the more recent additions. With this latest update to Google Sheets, you can scroll more effectively in your newest documents and old Sheets. With functions like the Comments feature undergoing updates across the Google Workspace landscape, users will more easily navigate collaborative projects thanks to the latest Google Sheets update.


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